About I’m a Scientist

I’m a Scientist is like school science lessons meet the X Factor! School students choose which scientist gets a prize of £500 to communicate their work.

Scientists and students talk on this website. They both break down barriers, have fun and learn. But only the students get to vote.

This is the Lanthanum Zone. It has a range of scientists studying all different topics. Who gets the prize? YOU decide!

About this Zone

A piece of pure lanthanum | Image: Wikimedia

A piece of pure lanthanum | Image: Wikimedia

Lanthanum (pronounced “lanth-an-um”) is an silvery-white metallic element, and the 57th element of the periodic table. Lanthanum has many uses including in lighting, glass making, catalysis, and even medicine.

This is a general science zone, so the scientists in this zone research a lot of different things. There’s a scientist studying chimps, and how they develop new ideas, as well as a scientist looking at reproduction and fertility. There’s a scientist working on imaging very, very small particles; one looking at parasites in blood; and one making a piece of kit that will help surgeons grow new skin to help with operations.

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